Loosing Database connection

(Kalicharan Khetwal) #1

Hi Team,

DQC/DQA is not able to persist my database connection permanently. Its getting disappear whenever I’m closing and reopening the IDE.
Could you please let me know the reason for same?

(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Kalicharan,

Yes, you are correct, upon closing the IDE database connections are disconnected. Only if there is open SQL editor on some table, upon starting the IDE, the editor will cause connection to the database to be established.


(Kalicharan Khetwal) #3

So, How can I save my database connection permanently at IDE? otherwise this will cause a lot of problem,when I have bunch of database connections to be saved. I will have to keep on recreating the DB connections each time I’ve to work.


(Katrin Popova) #4

Hello Kalicharan,

I might not have understood you correctly, could you please clarify what you mean by “recreating the DB connections”? Do you mean that when you add new database in the Database node it somehow disappears? Could you please provide me also screenshots?


(Kalicharan Khetwal) #5


(Kalicharan Khetwal) #6

I had saved my oracle database name XE, after few days I reopened DQA IDE and could not found the XE there. It’s not happening very frequently but sometimes it creates problem.


(Katrin Popova) #7

Hello Kalicharan,

I have tested and was not able to reproduce it. When it happens again please provide me screenshots and more details when exactly it appeared, if you performed something different and etc.

Thank you,