License Expired Error

(Ajay Solai Jawahar) #1


I have been using DQ Analyzer and today I get a License Expired Error. Per past recommendations, I tried to download and reinstall the DQA software, but still got the same error.


(Victoria Tuktarova) #2

Hello Ajay,

I am sorry you faced such an issue. We will extend the license and upload a new build as soon as possible. I will update you soon.

Kind regards,

(Phil Simpson) #3

Hi. I have had the same problem. Previously had 11 installed and working, today got license error message and advice to update to new version. Ran new install, but still got same error message. Uninstalled DQA 11. Downloaded file and ran from local temp directory. Installed to Renamed Directory (default plus new)Same error. Neither option to Install License or Request New License has any effect. (Tried using license.plf in runtime/license-keys.) I would appreciate any advice.

(Francisco Mendoza) #4

Do you have an estimated date to resolve this issue? currently facing the same problem with the tool.

(Victoria Tuktarova) #5


Our development is currently aware and we are doing our best to solve the issue as soon as possible.
We will let you know once the issue is resolved. Thank you for the patience.

Kind regards,

(Anne Hickey) #6

Hi - I am having the same issue. Have you extended the license? I still can’t get it to work. Thanks.

(Jay Thapa) #7

Bumping thread to get alerts

(Victoria Tuktarova) #8


I am happy to announce that our Development team has managed to solve this issue.

You can find a link to download a new build here.

Please download the version you want (32-bit, 64-bit) and install it in the same place where you have the current build. The build should be exactly the same with extended license only.

We apologize for any inconvenience the error caused.
If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

(Ajay Solai Jawahar) #9

Thanks for the quick response. I downloaded the latest build and it solves the license issue.