Licence Expired Error

(Ajeesh Matthew) #1


We have been using DQ analyzer for quite sometime , but we have got an error saying Licence Expired. I believe its a free software and we don’t need to purchase any licence for it. Did anyone else faced similar issue? I appreciate your thoughts.

I’m attaching the error screenshot here.

(Inna Burmistrova) #2

Hi Ajeesh,

DQ Analyzer (DQA) is still available for free usage, however, the license for the DQA version you use has expired. To continue using DQA please, download the latest version here.

Best regards,

(Václav Paluzga) #3

I have same issue with current version of DQA.
Licence settings looks to be fine, but any attempt to profile a file fails:

Kind regards

(Said Abduraimov) #4

HI Vaclav,

This licence error is quite unusual for DQA. Can you share more details on

  • how do you run the plan?
  • on which machine and OS you are using DQA?
  • any additional/specific information.
    We would appreciate if you could share the plan file for the further analysis.

(Václav Paluzga) #5

DQA is installed on Windows 10 version 1607 x64.
I tried all version of DQA - 32 and 64 bit and Teradata.
DQA licence in Preferences - Ataccama DQA - Licenses looks to be OK:

If I run any profile (right click on Tutorials - New - Profile) or Basic.plan, result is error:

17.02.2017 10:47:40 [INFO] Switching to logging setup from C:\Users\VasekP\AppData\Local\Temp\loggingConfig4464492569310104006.tmp
17.02.2017 10:47:40 [INFO] Using following licenses:
17.02.2017 10:47:40 [INFO] C:\Ataccama DQ Analyzer 10\runtime\license_keys\license.plf
17.02.2017 10:47:40 [FATAL] DQ Analyzer license not verified! Program will exit.
17.02.2017 10:47:40 [FATAL] Standalone option not licensed.

Best regards

(Said Abduraimov) #6

HI Vaclav,

Thank you for the details.
We will try to reproduce it now.
Can you tell us which particular version of DQA you are using?
Is it 10.5.0 or 10.5.1?

(Václav Paluzga) #7

It’s 10.5.1.
I also tried installation with and without apache derby as administrator or regular user, none worked.

(Said Abduraimov) #8


Thank you for the details.
According to the information provided, this error should not happen.
In order to help you with resolving the issue, can we set up a web-ex session on Monday, 20th of February 2017 or Tuesday, 21st of February 2017?
Let us know whether you are available for the web-ex session so we could agree on the details.

(Said Abduraimov) #9

Hi Vaclav,

Do you have an antivirus or a firewall which can block the DQA processes?
If yes, can you try disabling the antivirus and running the DQA Profiling plan?

(Stephane Cote) #10

Hi Said,
I have a very similar problem with my license. It says that it is finished on 2017-12-31. My LICENCE.PLF file says the same :
================ License Statement ================

DQ Analyzer User

How can I get a new active license ?

(Katrin Popova) #11

Hello Stephane,

The license you are using has expired. In order to renew them and continue using DQA, please download the latest version of DQA from the following link.

Best regards,
Katrin Popova