Json Call configuration help

(Jet Zhang) #1

Hi, we are working on a project with DQC send request message to REST API. I tried Json Call step with this service but get the error of ‘Unable to use the config file provided’. The description of the Json request will be:
Endpoint: https://xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxx/xxxx/xxxxxx
Function: POST
Username : xxxxx
Password : xxxxx
Content-Type : application/json
Accept : application/json
" attribuet1":“xxxx”,

The response could be:
“error_code”: 0,

I searched former questions in the board, but can not get some clue.
Is there some template or tutorial on the setting of the Json call step?

(Jet Zhang) #2

I put the username and password in the body part.
The response from the server is
“error”:{“detail”:“Required to provide Auth information”,“message”:“User Not Authenticated”},“status”:“failure”"

(Vladimir Zvorygin) #3

Hi, Jet.

I guess, the Authorization header is missing. It should contain Base64-encoded credentials.