Issue Type Not Found

Dear colleagues,
We are trying to implement the DQIT configuration on DEV environment. When we execute the Issue Importer plan, following error shows up:
Failed to process the imported issues. Issue type not found.

After going through the troubleshooting articles, at this link

we made following changes to the file;


As shown, I prefer to use absolute paths, but the error remains unchanged. Help/advice or tips to troubleshoot more is appreciated.thanks

Hello Jayant,

After adding a new issue type to the model project, did you perform the following Save->Reload->Generate? In addition, could you please send the whole error message you are receiving? Also, did you deploy the configuration to tomcat? Please review this documentation.


Thanks for the links to the documentation. I did implement those steps, like updating the address in file. But on executing the importer plan, I am encountering following error:

I am not being ale to comprehend this error message. Can you kindly help? thanks in advance.

Hello Jayant,

In your server configuration you have to verify if the specified user has permissions to import issues. Please check what user you have specified.


Sure, I will check it and update you.


Hello Katrin,
i re-executed the import issue plan. But this time the error message changed,connect_error

Right now I am trying to run the DQIT on my local machine. Moreover, I have already deployed it on Tomcat as per the steps you mentioned earlier in the documentation. But I am failing to understand the meaning of this error. Can you kindly help me to understand it? I should mention that this is the most detailed error message I am seeing, so am not sure I will be able to provide more details.

For reference, I have also added the server details as well as copy of server config;
dqit_details server_config.txt (520 Bytes)

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hello Jayant,

For importing issues in DQIT, first you have to add the server, where the URL should be pointing to the DQIT web application:

What you have specified in your configuration is the URL for the Admin Center.


Thanks for your help. The URL provided by me was wrong. I was able to rectify that issue and execute my importer plan.
One of the issue we often run into is, when e che the DQIT web appn; we get following error message

Before, we proceed to solve this error, I would like to understand why this error pops up. The reason being we are defining a manual cleansing type issue. So why are we seeing a message, customer_type not found.

Can you kindly provide some guidance or any link to documentation , where I can find the root cause. Thanks in advance.

Hello Jayant,

Could you please tell me what database you are using? Did you generate and deployed the files with the new configuration?


Good afternoon,

Presently, I am implementing the DQIT on my local machine and the derby database is running using the file start_derby.bat.
And yes, I did make sure to generate with new configuration as well as copied the files; metadata.xml and workflows.xml on the path specified by the file. But the error persists with the same message.

One thing which is bugging me, is it possible that the server which defined is not taking my changes. Will renaming the server at the same url help?
Other question, I am trying to answer is in which section of the DQIT project, do we define the database?

I am having difficulty in wrapping my head around DQIT, so your co-operation is really helpful and appreciated.

Thanks in advance.