Issue to merge the projects in Ataccama 11.4

(Venugopal TR) #1

There is an issue to merger two .mdc projects in ataccama 11.4, post merging, once reload and generate metadata the components will be auto deleted and all the rule logic will be disappeared. Please advise if any technical issues or any supporting java error for this issue. Since we are working in Citrix platform. Please let us know if any additional information required to understand the issue.

(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Venugopal,

To understand better the issue, I would need more details from your side. What do you mean by ‘post merging’ the projects? How do you perform the mentioned merging? Do you use versioning system? Any details related to the issue will be useful.

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(Venugopal TR) #3

Hi Katrin,

Thanks for your review,

Below is the update to clarify on your aforesaid questions,

I need to combine two “.mdc” projects created for Business rules in Atacama 11.4 version in “Model Explorer” by two different users. I had copied all the rules and components from user 2 and pasted in to user1 and continued reload metadata and generate the combined project. The end result all the rule logic and components are missing in the combined project.

(Katrin Popova) #4

Hello Venugopal,

After you copy all rules and components you should first save the changes, after that you can choose Reload Metadata and Generate. Because if you have made changes, as you did added/copied rules, and you do not save the change and directly reload the metadata, the changes will be lost.