Is there a way to connect Java app to Ataccama DQC

I was wondering since I noticed that ataccama plans have XML is there a way to connect a java application, for example a console app or desktop JavaFx…any type of app to DQC and generate ataccama plans, and read ataccama plans.

For example it would be helpful if I can read a JDBC Reader step and get the SQL statement from it.

Hi Aleksandar,

Can you please provide me the use-case for this and tell me what kind of Java application you’re trying to connect to?


Hello Aneeq,

My application is a console app that reads excel files with apache poi and generates data base creation scripts and other excel scripts. When I generate these scripts I have to generate an ataccama plan for the ETL solution, which are repetetive at most cases.

I was wondering is there a way I can read already created plans and generate new ones vie I/O somehow, and by read I mean Can I get the SQL Querry writen in the JDBC Step

Hi Aleksander,

Unfortunately this is not officially supported at the moment and I can’t help you here.

Please let me know if you have any other questions that I can assist with.