Is anyone using the Bayes Trainer and Classifier

Interested in understanding your use cases and any challenges you may have experienced.


Hi, Jeffrey.

In our older releases Bayes steps could process the text data only, so that was the main direction of Bayes theorem application. Interesting examples were as follows: to recognize if a comment posted on a social networking site as a positive or a negative one; or from a feedback of a bank client to predict if this client is going to change the bank in the nearest 3 months.
Recently we introduced a processing of other data types as well, what extends the sphere of application.


Hi, hope you dont mind me bumping your post?
I am interesting in using the Bays Trainer and Classifier to perform product categorisation.
Keen to understand if Jeffrey you have progress with the Bayes components since your last post in Mar 2018, and Vladimir if you have any experience or examples that you could share?

Hi, Danny.

Please, find attached a project with 2 examples of Bayes Classifier application.
As an input set of data were used records of Titanic passengers.
Both plans consist of 2 phases: training and classification; so you should first keep enabled only the steps of training, then run the plan, disable them and leave enabled only the steps of classification phase.
One example guesses passengers’ sex based on their name, the other one - their passenger class based on the fair, name, and place of embarkment. The three columns are used to demonstrate the implementation of different input data types: Document, Discrete and Continuous ones.

bayess (50.9 KB)

We’d be glad to hear from you about the result of Bayes Classifier application.