Include today date parameter in body of workflow sendmail step

Hi Colleagues,

We have Ataccama ONE IDE dqd model project which will be executed by the workflow. As expected, it is sending email to users once the project execution is completed(using workflow Send Email step) .

Can we automatically populate system/today date in the body of email content.

for example: DQ Rule execution go completed 06/22/2020(body of email).


Hi Raj,

I have noticed that you already opened a support request about this where I have provided you with a more detailed answer. However, I will provide a brief summary here, in case someone else is also curious about this.

The easiest way to achieve what you have mentioned is the following:

  1. Set a “Derived Variable” by right clicking the canvas of your workflow and select ‘Edit Properties’. You can use a name and expression of your choosing. However, for example purposes I will have my variable name as “today” and the expression used for it would be “today()”.

  2. As we already have our variable defined we can go to the Send Mail task in our workflow and use it within the subject or body of the email. In order to pass its output we need to follow this syntax ${variableName}. In our example we can have the email body as “Hi, today is ${today}”.

I hope this answers your question.

Best Regards,

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Thanks Alex. It worked

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