Importing projects into Eclipse using git bash

(Jayant Singh) #1

Dear friends,
Because of some unknown reasons, I am not being able to use e-git properly. Therefore, I decided to switch to git bash to communicate with eclipse.
Here are the steps, I took to import project into the workspace from local repository.

  1. First, choose the option of Import in the file menu.

  2. Next, select the location of local repository from where we are going to import the project into workspace. Please see import_local_repo.png

  3. After locating the repository, we use the proper import import wizard. Please see import_eclipse_project.png

  4. Later, we select the project to be imported.See DQ Dashboard_import.png

After completing above steps, we get the project into the workspace. But it is lacking the information regarding technical models and entities. Please see the image, workspace.png May I know why don’t we see the information regarding models and entities.import_eclipse_project DQ%20Dashboard_import import_local_repo

Kindly let me know if I am missing any steps.



Hi, looks like “.metadata” folder is completely missing. It should be next to “Files” folder. Is it there? can you check with some kind of file explorer? (remember that Windows explorer might not be showing hidden folders)