Importer finished with exception in UMC

(Jayant Singh) #1

Hello Colleagues,
We are trying to implement a DQIT workflow in Ataccama IDE.Presently, we are trying it on our local machine, We are facing some difficulties in importing the usernames/roles from LDAP Importer which is hosted at the address;
http://localhost:8083/umc/importer/dqd_ldap/start into the DQIT.DQIT_USER table.

Please see the screenshot attached;

Can I kindly get help with following queries;

  1. How do we populate the DQIT.DQIT_USER table with customized values? Or user names of our choice.
  2. Next, is there a correspondence between the LDAP Importer and the User table? Suggestions or link to documentation is appreciated.


(Victoria Tuktarova) #2

Hello Jayant,

This error identifies that the hostname is timing out. I would suggest running a DNS lookup on this hostname, and make sure that all of the addresses being returned are valid and allow connections on the port you’ve configured.

Also, ‘Follow Referrals’ setting might be the cause, hence, please, disable it in the ‘Advanced Settings’ section of the User Directory configuration.

In case you will need more details regarding umc-config.xml configuration I would suggest creating a ticket, so that I will be able to provide you all necessary information there.