Import table and column descriptions; associate with profiled data

Hi Ataccama community,

I have a use case that I wouldn’t expect to be novel/unique that I can’t quite figure out how to implement. I’m on Ataccama v12.6. I’d like to update table and attribute descriptions for catalog items using data dictionary information available to me either in Excel/csv or on a database (the data in the Excel file is also imported to the database as a set of tables). I’d like to update the Description fields that are shown in the ONE UI on the catalog item Overview and the Attribute detail pages with this information.

Ataccama support has recommended using the API feature for this (e.g., POST /catalog/{catalogItemId}/customAttributes and updating the “description” field). I’m looking for some alternatives that are hopefully easier to implement/maintain. There are a few clues this is possible: this topic) and the ‘Element User Metadata’ described in the IDE profiling step help documents. While I can see ways to bring the data in (i.e., an Excel File Reader step like the previous topic suggests) I can’t see any way to associate the information to a catalog item and then update the description.

Has anyone done this?

Some additional searching has uncovered this, which I think is tracking to my need. Although I’m working on a solution based on the information in the article, any tips/references etc. from the community are appreciated!

Hello Tony,
The approach suggested by the Support team of using the API capabilities of ONE and JSON call steps would work for what you are looking for. A similar solution was used in the example you found on our blog. But making a solution, which would be easier to maintain means customizing part of the process to better fit your requirements or automate it. All this is project specific and differs from organization to organization. If you would like to discuss your use case in more detail, please let me know and I can get you in touch with the Ataccama consultants. On a meeting with them they can give you a more detailed advice on how to structure a solution or even build it for you.
Or you can wait and see if someone in the Community will share their experience here.

Kind Regards,