How to Parametrize Databasename in sql query - Sql Select Step

(sivaraman gangadharan) #1

Hello ,
I would like to know if there is a way in sql select step to parametrize database name , able to use parameters in where condition but not in database name . please let me know if there is a workaround .

sql errors out :
select State_Name from ${DQC_Database_Name}.state

sql works fine
select State_Name from EDWPF_Base_VIEWS.state
where State_Name=${DQC_Database_Name}


(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Siva,

Usually, parameterizing of the name of the table implies parameterizing the column names as well - in most cases - which means actually generating of the query dynamically. Which is not what the Ataccama products are supposed to do generally. Our products give an ability to parameterize the value of some field in the Where statement.
For more information about processing parameters, please refer to the built in documentation about SQL Execute step (SQL Select step uses parameters the same way) of your IDE.

Best regards,
Katrin Popova