How to connect Mainframes Data Sources from DQC

(Rajashekhar Reddy) #1

Hi Colleagues,

We have a requirement to connect the Mainframes data sources. Could you please let us know how to connect to Mainframes from Ataccama.


(Victoria Tuktarova) #2

Hello Raj,

I can suggest using SFTP Upload/Download File tasks in a workflow to send/get data to and from mainframe. Also, we have experience connecting with ODBC driver.

But I am afraid I can’t offer more options as I don’t know your use case (type, configuration, etc). Could I ask you to provide us more details? And I will try to find more possible solutions for you.

Kind regards,

(Evgeni Enchev) #3

Hi Raj,

We also support direct import of metadata from COBOL copybooks (File->Import->Ataccama ONE IDE->COBOL copybook). The output of that operation is a file with gdr extension. Having that, you can simply drag and drop it on a plan canvas to get an automatically configured Reader step.