How to configure the Matching step

Good morning, I use the matching step in the component. I need to run
the component repeatedly.The business intention is that the primary key
of the examined dataset always gets the same master_id.I think I need to
enrich the examined dataset with the results of the previous execution
of the component before the matching step.I can’t configure the matching
step correctly.Can you help me, please?
Jaroslav Vilíme

Hello Jaroslav,

If the record already has a master_id (from the first run) then in the next runs it will not be paired with another master_id, which means that the original master_id will be the same as from the first run. As my colleague pointed out in the support ticket – this could potentially be implemented as a solution by our professional service team. If you are interested in that option, you can let us know in the support ticket.

Kind regards,
Aleksandar Aleksov