Get I a input file full name as value of shadow column in "Text File Reader" step

(ananda krishna) #1

I have component with Text File Reader step whose File Name property is mapped as parameter.
Can I get this File Name value in shadow column value?

When I make shadow column default expression to Map as parameter I am getting runtime error Model is not valid

(Artem Setkin) #2

Hi Ananda,

Could you please share with us your component and how it’s being run?
We will test it on our side.

Kind regards,

(ananda krishna) #3 (1.8 KB)

Using attached simple example , I am trying to explain the issue.
default Expression of the shadow column is Mapped as parameter.
when I tried to run the workflow, i am getting above mentioned error.


Hi Ananda,

You can always have 2 parameters within component (one for filename, and one for shadow column expression) and fill them with same value (plus quotes for shadow Column expression) when running it.