Get DQC scoring plan join generated SQL statements

Hi all.

We are running DQC 10.4 and have some fairly complex scoring plans, meaning, multiple connections/joins to other tables/data sources within.
Since we are currently experiencing some issues with execution times, we would like to determine is it due to the mentioned join complexity,
to try to simplify them, or to perform some database tasks to resolve these issues (like creating additional indexes).

So, the main question is - is there a way to get the SQL statements generated during the scoring plan execution, in regards to the Join components?
Or, better to say, after the performed Join, with all columns, conditions and join keys?


Hey Aleks,
If you would like to monitor plan/workflow execution, including join performance and reading or writing from and to a database I suggest using the show progress option of the IDE. You can find it as the second option in the status panel at the bottom of the IDE, next to the console. This will help you see during execution which task is performing slower than expected.

Kind Regards,

Hello Maksim.

Thanks for the feedback. However, this doesn’t quite answers my question.
I just wanted to know if there is a way to get the final SQL statement, after all joins and conditioning, and before the first rule starts executing.
I believe that this select statement defines the complete data fetch to scoring plan.


Hello Aleks,
I discussed it internally and what you are requesting is not possible out of the box at the moment. If you would like our consultants to create a custom solution for your use case, please open a support ticket on our Support Helpdesk.

Kind Regards,