Finding columns in schema

(Ra Li) #1

Does Ataccama have a step or a feature where we can discover if a specific column exists in other tables within a schema or few schemas?

The determining factor would be the values of a column in this instance.

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(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #2


We currently do not have a solution out of the box. We are planning on releasing a more robust solution in a future version of our products.

However, I suggest you use a step called Schema Discovery for your needs. The step is used to find possible primary and foreign keys across the tables you have provided it. The step computes the relation between a referenced column and a dependent column that holds if distinct values of dependent column are all included in values of referenced column. You can configure an inclusion leeway in the step so that not all of the distinct values of a dependent column must be present in the referenced column.

For additional information on how to use Schema Discovery you can click on the question mark on the bottom left of the step.

Please, let me know if this suggestion helped you.

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