Failed to create step 'Column Assigner' - DQD Admin center issue

(Keerthana Rajendran) #1


I came across the below error message while processing the source system in DQD admin center (Ataccama version 11.4)

'Failed to create step ‘Column Assigner(com.ataccama.dqc.tasks.expressions.ColumnAssigner) (This error is caused by wrong format of a tag in XML of plan, most probably in one of tags the attribute “key” is missing, invalid or unacceptable. It is possible to delete such tags and recreate them in graphical view.)’.

Attached is the complete error messa

Any help on solving issue would be great.

(Victoria Tuktarova) #2

Hello Keerthana,

The error is self-explanatory. Please, check dqd-config.xml file located in workspace - /project name/ - Files - etc. Error is pointing on an incorrect tag there. If you won’t be able to find it, I would recommend to set up source system again in IDE. As Source system is a graphical representation of dqd-config file.