Error in removing Git Folder from server

(sivaraman gangadharan) #1

I am trying to set up the new folder structure to import from TFS repository to the DEV server and it is throwing this error file already open . I closed all the instances related to the project in server and it is still throwing this error . please let me know if there is something which I need to get rid of this error .

I know this job is set to run via web console , I went and checked for options to remove but there is only option to process .



Greetings Siva,

It seems that an instance of DQC server is still being executed from the location you are trying to delete.

Remember that every time you try to delete a project (e.g. DQD) you first need to stop the executing instance of DQC server from that location and then proceed to delete the project.

Since most of the files have been deleted already (including the scripts you used to start/stop the DQC server) you have a set of options to stop the DQC server. A couple them are:

  • Windows: Open the Task Manager -> look for the Java process that is being executed -> right click on it -> end that task

  • DQD project: If you executed the DQC server using the generated scripts please try creating a new DQD demo project and use the stop_server.bat script in order to stop the current DQC server instance

Once the DQC server is stopped try again deleting the folder structure.

(sivaraman gangadharan) #3

Thanks Hugo , am able to delete it now . will try pushing from TFS server to DEV server.