DQIT Error message

Hi there,
Any ideas what could potentially be causing the issue below in the red circle?

Hello Ramzi,

I was able to reproduce the issue. The error message “Missing message definition:”, appears when you have specified, for example in issue_problem_details a problem code that is not defined in Messages node in the IDE. I think you may find useful this documentation regarding messages. In addition, in the documentation of each Issue class, you can find information and detailed explanation for issue attributes, please review the following documentation.

For example if we have defined General Issue Type, if we would like the messages defined in issue_problem_details to be displayed in the web application, first we should mark the option Show Messages:

After that when defining the import data structure of the a given issue, in issue_problem_details, we can specify human readable error message to be displayed in the web app. To do this in Messages node I have defined “EMAIL_IS_INCOMPLETE”:
after that I have specified the code in issue_problem_details. After importing the issue and go in the web application I am able to see the following message: