DQD Validity Rules

(Amey Gupte) #1

I created a validity rule (copy rule) in DQD model project. However, this rule seems to be available only to String attributes by default. Any way to make this rule available all attributes, or to other data types - example define another rule only for Numeric data type.

Thank you.

(Dimitar Dikov) #2

You can define a rule for a particular data type for Expressions, Multi Entity Expression and Plan rules. The rule is depending on the data input type, so in order to make it for something other than a ‘String’ attribute, you would need to set the input column in your model project as something else.

Navigate to Files/engine/load and open your system model ‘.comp’ file. On the step with your input data, go to columns and change the input type as in this example. And when you are configuring your rule, set the right DQC Data Type.

(Amey Gupte) #3

Issue resolved, thanks