DQD & Tomcat Issue

Hi There,

I am unable to run DQD, also when i run Tomcat i am getting error as mentioned in the screenshot. could you please look into this and do the needful. Thanks!!

Srinivas Rao R

Hi, looks like you may already have something running on port 8081.
If you suspect this may be DQD, from a previous start-up. You van run the stop told at script before running the start ring at script.
If this doesn’t solve your problem, there may be another application running on your computer that is using port 8081. (We have other company software running on 8081 on our office laptops).
You can change the port number for dqd to 8082 for example. There is documentation to assist with this change, takes a few minutes and you’ll be up and running. :wink:
Accenture / Telefonica O2