DQD - Setting preferences by command prompt

(sivaraman gangadharan) #1

Petya ,
I have a question around setting up the preferences for the first time DQD project is deployed on server. I login to Ataccama , import config file with data connections to the preferences to set it mnaullay for first time in deploying the project.

I would like to know if there is a script to execute in command prompt for doing this manual setting of preferences. we would like to use TFS as repository for version control and wanted to use build feature which can deploy changes to server without manual intervention by admins.

please let me know if there is a way to do this .


(Petya Minovska) #2

Hi Siva,

All environment database settings are defined in the configuration files located in the workspace folder.
We generally do not automate such tasks but the settings are stored in the following file [installation folder]\workspace.metadata.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime.settings\com.ataccama.dqc.gui.model.prefs.
As a workaround you can try copying it between your Ataccama IDE instances.


(Petya Minovska) #3

Hi Siva,

Please let us know if the provided workaround is sufficient for you.