DQD error - cannot read config

(Ra Li) #1

Hi there,

I’m having the below error after I login to DQD which is running locally. Anyone can interpret this error?


(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Ramzi,

Could you please verify the following:

In the web.xml located in [TOMCAT_HOME]/webapps/dqd/WEB-INF/web.xml you can find this XML structure:





that should point to the dqd-config.xml which contains the confiuration of the application. It contains importers, authorization configuration and etc.

However, if you generate your model project in the IDE it will generate a file with the same name (dqd-config.xml) in the [MODEL_PROJECT_HOME]/Files/etc folder. This is a different file that contains the configuration of your model project.

Could you please check if the correct file is in WEB-INF folder? If your model project configuration is placed in that directory, please remove it from the folder.


(Ra Li) #3

Hi Katrin- Here is what I’m currently seeing:

I have the web.xml file under the tomcat folder path as you described

and I have the dqd-config.xml at the path below:


below is what’s in the dqd-config.xml file:

and I don’t have a project configuration in that folder.

Thanks in advance,

(Katrin Popova) #4

Hello Ramzi,

The screenshot that you shared of dqd-config.xml, is containing the model project configuration and should not be placed in that folder. Please download this dqd-config.xml (1.2 KB)
example for the application configuration.