DQD Custom Thresholds

(Ra Li) #1

Hi, I’m trying to set different rules with different thresholds and have them presented in DQD. Is this something that DQD supports? If not, what is the alternative?


(Vladimir Zvorygin) #2

Hi, Ra Li.

Thresholds in regard to rules may be set in DQ Indicators or in alerts. DQ indicators - which are shown next to source systems, models, and entities in the Sources screen - may be of 3 colors - red, amber and green, and thresholds for them are global - read more here, please. Alerts may be set with a different threshold for each rule, and if an alert is triggered, you will see it in you Alerts tab - check this article.
If you were asking about something different, give us more details and an example on your use-case, please.