Dictionary Lookup Identifier

Hi, there.
We use DLI to parse address strings. Here is an excerpt from documentation:"
Scoring configuration is done with the help of pseudo inputs that are to be used in any of the expressions that the Scoring provides. The pseudo inputs are as follows:

  • ia – Input entity
  • pa - Proposed entity
  • expl – Entity explanation
  • unexpl - Unexplained parts
  • const – Constants for explanation. This represents a constant record with the fixed values: missing , found , approx and not_defined . Its sole purpose is to compare with values in the expl pseudo input
  • e – Count of different characters during approximate searching"
  1. But if you try to use ia/pa in when condition of Scoring you will see that they aren’t available.

  2. What exactly is stored in xa? I thought that it should store input strings. e.g. if there is an input component named street_name which is assigned a value from pur_street_name. I thought that xa.street_name has to be the same as pur_street_name but it seems is not (read next for explanation )

  3. We defined some When conditions for vectors so that not even try to use them when there is no data on the input. E.e. if you don’t have a street name why even try to use vectors that rely on street names. So for vector A_S (Area and Street has to be specified on the input) we defined following when condition
    xa.area is not null and
    xa.street_name is not null

And the vector was still working… And we had to replace it with just column values that we assigned to the input components.

  1. How to find out what is in the xa , pa and other data sources? The only way I found is in Scoring when you just try to specify something in explanations … But xa, pa and many other things aren’t available in Scoring. So DLI’s becoming like a black box when you cannot get the idea what parameters were during processing.

Hello Ruslan,

Could You help me a bit by sending me the complete version number of your product and maybe a screenshot of the issue?
Using the built in content assist (the menu appearing when pressing Ctrl+Space while the cursor is inside the ‘when’ field) returns both ‘ia’ and ‘pa’ for me as recognized input data source, but not ‘xa’. What did you mean by ‘xa’?

In case you meant ‘pa’ - it refers to the component value proposed after the dictionary matching; in case you meant ‘ia’ - it refers to a component value that coresponds exactly to the dictionary value (has not been proposed as a result of an approximation).

What I suggest doing when working with the DLI is look at the tutorial of the step in Tutorials>04.07 DLI.plan. You can test the step there to see what everything does by right clicking on it, selecting debug and trying with values you chose.