Default Value Column

(Ra Li) #1

Hi, I’m trying to set a default value for a column in RDM model. The goal is to set a timestamp as soon as the user creates a new row/entry in DQD.

I have tried a variety of syntax to achieve this goal, but I kept getting an error “Cant parse”.

Is there a specific syntax that should be used for “Default Value” settings in RDM?


(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Ramzi,

If you datetime type in default value, following formats could be used:

Please review this documentation


(Ra Li) #3

Hi Katrin- I’m not sure the documentation clearly states what I’m looking for.

Let me clarify, I’m looking to have a datetime field populated with the current time when the user clicks “create” on a new row in RDM. The above didn’t seem to work for me and it was only showing the string of “yyyy-MM-dd”.


(Ra Li) #4

Hi Katrin- I’m trying to specify for example UTC time in the Default Value for a specific DATETIME field, and this would be automated. Is this supported?