Database Updates after Master Match/Merge Process


I have some questions around merging Master level records into a Golden record. The match and merge process I have written is working as expected utilizing the Extended Unification along with the Representative Creator steps within a component. The general concepts used follow the 09.01 Match and Merge plan delivered as a tutorial for the Ataccama MDC 12.6.3 product. The resulting .csv file is correct containing merged records, but I have questions around updating the database itself with the resulting records and reassociating the instance layer to its new golden record.

The end goal is to match/merge master records that have gained additional information over time that allows the system to determine that separate records are in fact the same person. It is my understanding that you should not directly update the database using update statements, but that Ataccama can and should update it internally. Can you point me to any documentation or examples of your best practices?

Thank you so much for your help,

Christopher Cushing

Hello Chriistoper,

Are you using the extended unification step to perform the matching in your MDC project? The suggested approach is to use the Matching Step, which was introduced in version 11. The step has a number of new features, to read more about them I suggest checking out the “Upgrading to the New Matching Step” article in our documentation. Then, check out the “The Matching Step in MDC” article, which gives an overview of the configuration of its configuration.
As for your question about updating records that have gone through some changes and gained additional information - you are correct, we strongly advice against directly updating the database as this could lead to inconsistency in the data.
Instead, you should be using the Reprocess Operation as it will run the whole matching/merging logic of the solution.
In your case you might find the Partial reprocess appropriate, as it will create a plan in which you can configure reprocessing only on the recors of your choise. More information about the reprocessing operation is can be found under the “Consolidation Hub Batch Interfaces” article.

For more help on both the Matching Step and the Reprocessing, I would suggest checking the CDI example project in the IDE as it has examples of both matching and full reprocessing.



Thank you very much for the response. I was able to migrate to the Merge step instead of the Extended Unification step as you suggested and the matching process is working well.

I am currently looking into the Reprocess Operation, but am having trouble finding the …/batch/reprocess.plan example that is mentioned in the documentation This should be part of one of the Tutorials that are provided within the 12.6.3 MDC, correct? Thanks again for all your help.

Christopher Cushing

Hey Christopher,
The example you are referring to is just an example. You will not be able to find it unless you configure a partial reprocessing operation.
To do you have to go to the CDI Example Model in the IDE, Advanced Features and configure new partial reprocessing, then if you right click on it and select open, you will be redirected to the plan that needs to be configured for the reprocessing to work.
If you need help navigating any of the above menus, please refer to the “MDC Tutorial” documentation page, which described the basics from creating the CDI example, to using its features, etc.