Data Lineage in Ataccama

(Kalicharan Khetwal) #1

Hi Team,

Could you please explain how Data Lineage works in Ataccama?(Regardless of different modules). Could you please share few consolidated results?

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(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Kalicharan,

Master Data Management, in Ataccama covered by the Master Data Center (MDC) engine and Master Data Admin (MDA) stewardship interface, the term "Data Lineage" means that for all data managed and mastered in the MDM solution, full lineage of when, how and from where this data was loaded. On top of that, all of the created (merged) Golden records are always directly linked to the individual "source" records that were received from the source system, together with the metadata about which matching rules and which survivorship rules were used in the process or creating the Golden record. This way we can always trace any data back to the source.

Data Quality processes, in Ataccama covered by the Data Quality Center (DQC) engine, the Ataccama solution is typically part of a larger ETL or ELT process and Ataccama DQC is there to validate and potentially improve the data. For any validation or DQ improvement rules, the records at the output are always assigned additional metadata such as results of each individual validation rule, data quality scores, etc. It is also, of course, visible where was the data loaded from.

From Metadata Management point of view, Ataccama is working on building a Metadata Catalog which, together with the existing Profiling and Discovery capabilities, will allow us to capture, store and provide also the high-level data lineage between systems and sources across the organization, not only in the context of processes inside Ataccama platform.


(Kalicharan Khetwal) #3

Hi Katrin, Thank you very much. It helps. I’m curious to know the target delivery date for the Metadata Catalog?


(Katrin Popova) #4

Hi Kalicharan,

Sorry for not phrasing the previous response correctly - the Catalog module of Ataccama ONE Platform is already available, albeit not in its final form. In near future we will continue heavy focus on further development of our Business Glossary and Catalog modules.