Custom column analyses for ETL table creation

What a great product! And what a great price!
In my job as a database developer, I use DQA first to analyze flat files that are on their way to the database. I need to create a new stage table where the file initially loads. In order to properly size the fields in the table, I need to view the Type and Maximum length of each field. Currently this info is in 2 places: The Column Analyses, and the Statistics in the Basic tab. In order to view the Max length I have to click on each field individually , then read the Statistics.

Is there a way to add the Max Length as a column in the column list? Ideally there would only be 3 columns, Expression, Type and Maximum Length. With this info I could immediately have everything I need in 1 view. Creating the stage table would be a breeze!

Is this possible to create?

Hello Peter,

Currently this is not an available functionality in DQA as the tool itself offers a simplified overview of your data. If you would like to have a more detailed and customized output, this is possible through our ONE platform. You can find out more about it via this link:

I hope that answered your question.

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Aleksandar Aleksov

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