Creation of DDLs in DQA

(Fabian Wiktorowski) #1

Hi guys.
I would like to know if it’s possible in DQA (or any other Ataccama tool) to having flat file profile generate “CREATE TABLE” statement – any general ANSI one or specific for Oracle, SQL Server or DB2. Any idea?

(Vladimir Zvorygin) #2

Hi, Fabian,

I’m not sure I can understand what you mean. Can you give more details, please? Are you talking about the profiler? What do you want to do with it?


(Fabian Wiktorowski) #3

Sorry for being not precise enough!
Generally the idea is to:

  • create a profile
  • having profile create sql CREATE TABLE (any database)
  • execute sql in database
  • then load the data
    So ideally would be having profile create a DDL with proper data types.
    Thanks you.

(Vladimir Zvorygin) #4

Hi, Fabian,

you can do it with the Profiling step. If you enable Drill-through there, it will automatically create tables for you.

The problem will be that table and column names will be generated automatically, so you will need to rename them. Also it’s better to switch off the mask for the input, otherwise for each input column you will have an additional column for the mask.


(Fabian Wiktorowski) #5

Thanks for the response. It’s quite close to what I wanted to get indeed.
Solution has some limitations:

  • columns names
  • data types which differs from profile and seems to be quite generic
    But anyway it seems to be interesting option.