Copy a file using workflow

(Jayant Singh) #1

Dear colleagues,
We are trying to use the copy feature of Operate on File task in a workflow. The source is given by the string: "T:\Data Processing\CDO\DQ Rules\CLL data\2018 Jun\CLL_201806_updated.csv". Denote this string as CLL

Whereas the destination is given by "../data/archive/FRY_14A/". Denote this string as DEST_CLL. It is a location in our DQC project, see the image;

Next, we configure the task Operate on File. Please see the screenshot:


But when we execute the workflow it is failing with failure and here is the message:

java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 113: C:\Ataccama11.4\\workspace\14ALLPDWTEST_20181009\Files\workflow\T:Data ProcessingCDODQ RulesCLL data2018 JunCLL_201806_updated.csv at sun.nio.fs.WindowsPathParser.normalize( at sun.nio.fs.WindowsPathParser.parse( at sun.nio.fs.WindowsPathParser.parse( at sun.nio.fs.WindowsPath.parse( at sun.nio.fs.WindowsFileSystem.getPath( at java.nio.file.Paths.get( at com.ataccama.adt.file.visitors.FileVisitor.pathExist( at com.ataccama.adt.file.visitors.FileVisitor.pathNotExist( at com.ataccama.adt.file.visitors.RegexMatchsFinder.find( at com.ataccama.adt.task.base.FileOperationTaskInstance.getMaskResults( at com.ataccama.adt.file.operations.EwfCopyFileOperation$EwfCopyFileOperationInstance.operate( at at com.ataccama.adt.internal.core.runtime.EwfTaskProcessor$

Can I kindly get some help how to copy this file from the T drive (on my PC) to the DQC project under the Ataccama IDE? Help is greatly appreciated.

(Katrin Popova) #2

Hello Jayant,

I see that you pass them as parameters, could you please escape the slash like this:


(Jayant Singh) #3

Thanks for your help. I also read about it in the documentation, and it proved helpful.

Appreciate your response.