Compare counts DQ check

I have a use case to check data quality based on historical results. Example count of table A was 1000 yesterday, it should be between 900 and 1100 today based on 10% threshold. If it is less than 900 or greater than 1000 then create a DQ issue.

Has anyone implemented such a framework in Ataccama? If yes, any design suggestions?

Thank you,
Amey Gupte.

Hello Amey,

I would suggest using the DQD Alert feature. Alerts are user-defined and can be triggered based on a percentage or count violation; you can set any threshold for triggering them. Alerts can be set in any graph or chart in the DQD dashboard.

For more information about what Alerts are and how to configure them, please check the Managing DQ Alerts documentation page. Is this what you are looking for?

If you have issues accessing the page or configuring the Alerts, please open a support ticket.

Kind Regards,