Can't pass ewf_ workflow variable values to component

(Jeffrey Scott) #1

I would like to include the Workflow Variables ewf_workflow_id, ewf_execution_id, and ewf_private_folder in the output of a component, but I don’t seem to be able to pass the values to the component. I have parameterized my workflow to capture both input variables and derived variables. My workflow utilizes my component file, not a plan file. The input variables work fine and I can pass them to my component, but the derived variables for which have created expressions for these Workflow Variables don’t receive the values. If I add a Windows Command to my workflow and “Echo” these Workflow Variables, the values do get logged to the std.out log file. How can I capture these values in my component?

(Jeffrey Scott) #2

I forwarded this question to the support team…

(Inna Burmistrova) #3

The issue was resolved in Support helpdesk.