Cannot see sources in DQD

(Jayant Singh) #1

Dear colleagues,
We are trying to see the results in DQD for each source. DQDscreenshots_Jennifer_error.txt (2 Bytes)
When we click on ‘Home’, we can see the overall results. But when we click on ‘Sources’ we get blank screen. Please see the attached word document.

We have assigned proper roles, ,as seen in ‘administration’ tab. Can we get some help, why we can’t see individual sources? Thank you.

(Dimitar Dikov) #2

Hello Jayant,

It seems that the attached file is empty.
Can you please re-attach the mentioned word document.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

(Jayant Singh) #3

Sorry about my mistake. Apologies for that.

As you can see in the admin tab I have selected all roles, but still I could not see anything in the sources tab. Please let me know, if more information is needed. Feedback/help is greatly appreciated.

(Dimitar Dikov) #4

Hello Jayant,

I was not able to replicate this behavior.
May I suggest submitting a ticket in our support help center, so we can have a deeper look and investigation.
Here is the link:

Thank you.

Best Regards,

(Jayant Singh) #5

Good afternoon. Thanks for your suggestion. I did submit a ticket, number is SR-4968.
Help is appreciated.