Cannot get model with id 74798

(Jayant Singh) #1

Hello colleagues,
While trying to open the DQD on our Dev environment, we are seeing the following error.

plz check attached image. Can I get some help to start debugging this problem?thanks in advance

(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #2

Dear Jayant,

We will need more information from you to properly investigate this issue. Could you please open a support ticket with us?

Kind Regards,

(Jayant Singh) #3

Thanks for getting back. Actually we found that one of the default tables in DQD was not getting populated properly. therefore we regenerated the project and it worked.
Will get back to you if this error reappears with more details.


(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #4

Hello Jayant,
We were thinking the issue might indeed be in the model tables of DQD. I am glad you managed to resolve it. Feel free to open a support ticket if you get stuck again.

Kind Regards,