Can Ataccama be used as an operational (OLTP) Source Of Truth (100s of Reads per Second)

Hi there!

Once the client/customer data is merged into Ataccama (through batches/ETLs/Ataccama APIs), can we expose Ataccama’s “READ” API(with all the security, API keys, and whatnot) so that all our internal applications/apps can read the most up to date view of customer personal data straight from Ataccama? We want to avoid having another DB just for that.

I am asking this because I have worked with different MDMs in the past, and (according to their providers) I was told their MDMs were not designed to be real-time (even if I only wanted real-time reads, after data is already merged).

Can Customer/Client API scale to hundreds of READ requests per second with ease? For example, 80% of them are lookup by ID (master ID) and 20% more complex filters.

I worked with some MDMs that had more than 8.000 tables in their Customer Model, that wouldn’t scale… :sweat_smile:

Any help would be appreciated!


Hello Jean,

There should not be any reason to worry about our product handling about the 80% of RO requests by ID. If the MDM runs on a proper hardware and underlying database it should work. And depending on the use case, horizontal scaling is possible.
However, the question is what the complex query means and how many RW operations is performed in parallel with reads.
Our consultants would be able to provide more details once they get familiarized with the requirements of the customer and the specifics of the data.