BLOB data type in RDM 10.5?

(Danny Ryan) #1

Hi All,

Does anyone know if the BLOB data type is possible within RDM v10.5?

Many thanks

(Anh Duc Tran) #2

Hi Danny,

It’s not supported. We never worked with this format so far. Could you please share a use-case?

King regards
David Tran

(Danny Ryan) #3

Hi David,
Ok that is fine, thought I would ask just incase.

The use case is on customer contract reference data. The majority of the contract metadata would be entered into suitable attributes within the RDM, whilst a copy of the signed contract in the form of an PDF (Portable Document Format) file would also be attached to the record in the table.
Over the course of the customer lifecycle additional contracts would be signed and new records created with their associated PDF file attached.
There could also be events where the contract PDF is revised and thus the metadata and BLOB attached file are also updated (kept on history records).

Thanks for prompt reply.


(Anh Duc Tran) #4

Hi Danny,

as I said, unfortunately, the BLOB format is not supported by RDM at the moment. I recommend you to create a path variable that will direct you to your contract PDF file on your disk (for example, network shared disk).

Kind regards
David Tran