Begin and end spaces from values are trimmed when applying a function on them

(Mario don) #1

When I try to apply a function the value is trimmed.
For example. I have this values:
" done"
“do ne”

when I apply function indexof(value, " "), only the space from the second value is found.
I would like to know where is the problem.


(Vladimir Zvorygin) #2

Hi, Mario.

The white spaces from both ends of any string value are trimmed automatically. In order to avoid it, you need to use Java parameter -Dengine.trimStringValues=false either on starting an appication, or on starting a server, or while executing your plan.


(Mario don) #3

Hello Vladimir,

It works.
Go to Run Configuration --> Runtimes --> VM Arguments
and paste -Dengine.trimStringValues=false there.

Thank you