Ataccama Server startup Error and DQD Web Application Issue in Ataccama 11.4 version

(Venugopal TR) #1

1) We are trying to start the Ataccama server from the file server_start.bat inside my project in the Atacama IDE. But we are getting the following error : [FATAL] com.ataccama.dqc.communication.rpc.exception.DataProcessingException: Unable to read configuration; nested exception is: …\etc\dqd.serverConfig (The system cannot find the path specified)

However we are able to start the server using the dqd.serverConfig and process the project in Ataccama Admin center.

2) Another issue is not able to launch the Ataccama DQD web application even after clearing the cache and cookies and restarting the tomcat from command center.
Ajax call failed
HTTP Status 404-/dqd/api/config

(Victoria Tuktarova) #2


I would suggesting solving this as part of support request, because I am afraid it is not possible to find immediate solution without information from configuration files. Hence, please, create a ticket and share with us mentioned files. We will respond as soon as possible.