Ataccama Platform developers


Hello All,
I would like to ask please for your experience, best practices and industry standards.
In our organization we are using Ataccama since 2015. Started from DQC and now we have the whole platform installed and used across the Enterprise. We have a small group of people who is doing development and support operations on the platform: RDM, Metadata management, DQ, MDM.
Originally when team was created, members of our group had a title of “Data Quality Analyst” which is definitely somewhat misleading and does not provide a correct view on what they actually do. Their activities involve development withing Ataccama, operational support, build support and definitely a bit of data analytics.
So in an effort to try and have a correct industry recognizable titles for our group, I would like to ask please for your experience, opinion and recommendation.
Appreciate everyone’s input.
Thank you

(Maksim Zhelyazkov) #2

Dear Boris,

Thank you for using our products. We hope you have positive experiences with the Ataccama staff and products. We are glad to share with you our suggestions on this topic based on our insight and experience.

I consulted with my colleagues in Ataccama and we agreed on a few titles, which represent most accurately your team’s responsibilities as described by you. You can use whichever title you consider most appropriate for your team.

The titles we suggest are: Data Curator/Data Curation Specialist/Data Curation Manager.

Kind Regards,