Ataccama Platform 11.4.0 is out

(Marta Zajacova) #1

We have just publicly released version 11.4.0 of the Ataccama Platform.

This is a minor release and contains new features and bug fixes across the whole platform. See Ataccama 11.4.0 Release Notes for the full list of new features and bug fixes.


Download the latest version of your products at


As part of this release, we are also sharing upgrade and installation guides. The support team is ready to help with installation and upgrade issues.

Installation and upgrade services for your solution are not covered by the support or maintenance contract, but our experienced team is ready to help with remote upgrades. Contact us to get a quote and expected timing.

(Sean Zhu) #2

The download page does not work any more. Can you please provide the new link to the download page?

I cannot use the platform in the cloud due to the requirements from the data provider of the data I’m working on. I can only work on my client, and I need to get the latest version as my DQ Analyzer 10 is expired.


(Danny Ryan) #3

Hi Sean,

URL to downloads (latest and previous versions) is

For DQ Analyzer, please see

Kind Regards

(Sean Zhu) #4

For the first link, I got a login page, and it does not take my login with an invalid username and password error message.

For the send one, after I successfully registered, it redirected to page which is not found. I received an email after the registration, but the links point to version 10.5.1, not 11.4.1.

It looks that some parts are not working properly in the process. Can you send me the direct links for download?

Many thanks,

(Martin Jinda) #5

(Katrin Popova) #6

Hello Sean,

After you fill in the registration form on this link, it will redirect you to this page:

where you can click on the button for downloading DQ Analyzer 32-bit/64-bit.