Ataccama Platform 11.2.0 is out

(Marta Zajacova) #1

We have just publicly released version 11.2.0 of the Ataccama Platform.

This is a minor release and contains new features and bug fixes across the whole platform. See Ataccama 11.2.0 Release Notes for the full list of new features and bug fixes or read on to get an overview of the selected new features.


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As part of this release, we are also sharing upgrade and installation guides. The support team is ready to help with installation and upgrade issues.

Installation and upgrade services for your solution are not covered by the support or maintenance contract, but our experienced team is ready to help with remote upgrades. Contact us to get a quote and expected timing.

Big Data Engine

Connect to Data Sources from IDE via REST API

Version 11.2.0 brings new options to work with data sources directly from IDE: connect to the cluster via REST API, and create a database connection to Hive to browse the Hive tables using the SQL interface.

Data Quality Center

New Solution Components

The solution components suite was enhanced with new components:

  • Cleanse your Slovak addresses with the Address Identifier SK and Address Quick Search SK components using official reference data from the Slovak address registry.
  • Validate, standardize and convert units of length and their values with the Length Standardization component.

JSON Call Improvements

Working with JSON Call is now even easier thanks to improved debugging and option to configure delays between requests. Furthermore, you can create dynamic headers with the new column substitutions option.

Master Data Center

REST API Improvements

The MDC REST API has been extended with new endpoints for retrieving historical values of a record. Here is an example of a request:


The REST API has also been improved with sorting, paging, and filtering capabilities. For example:


See the NME REST API Interfaces for more information.

MDC Tutorial Project Extended with a GDPR Demo

To show that we are GDPR-ready, we have updated the logical model in the MDC Tutorial Project (CDI Example) with the Consent entity, which contains customer consents to being contacted via various types of communication channels.

Reference Data Manager

Export Reference Data Hierarchies

Version 11.2.0 brings the ability to export data in defined hierarchies to an XML file via a generated pre-configured plan. See the documentation topic for more information.