Ataccama Platform 11.1.0 is out


We have just publicly released version 11.1.0 of the Ataccama Platform.

This is a minor release and contains new features and bug fixes across the whole platform. See Ataccama 11.1.0 Release Notes for the full list of new features and bug fixes or read on to get an overview of the selected new features.


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As part of this release, we are also sharing upgrade and installation guides. The support team is ready to help with installation and upgrade issues.

Installation and upgrade services for your solution are not covered by the support or maintenance contract, but our experienced team is ready to help with remote upgrades. Contact us to get a quote and expected timing.

Big Data Engine

Data Profiling on Spark

We have added support for the Profiling step on Spark, which simply means that you can now run plans that contain the Profiling step on your Spark cluster.

Run Plans on Databricks

Don’t own a cluster? You can now run BDE plans on your Databricks clusters. See the doc for instructions.

DQ Dashboard

Data Postprocessing

You can now send your evaluated data enriched with the DQ validation results for further processing, for example, send records to DQ Issue Tracker for manual issue resolution. It’s up to you, however: configure postprocessing plans any way you like.

Master Data Admin

Issue Management Integration

With this release, we have integrated issue management into MDA. You can configure plans that generate issues or create them manually in MDA. After that you can edit and resolve issues inside MDA.

Improved Compare View

We have added a few useful features to the compare view:

Master Data Center

Matching Proposals

The Matching step has been enhanced to enable matching proposals in a separate output endpoint.

Simplified Configuration for Streaming Interface

With this release, we have made it possible to enable the Streaming interface with several clicks by reusing the existing ProcessDelta native service. See the doc for more information.