Ataccama Platform 10.3 is out


We have just publicly released version 10.3 of the Ataccama Platform.

This is the first release of Reference Data Manager version 10.

This release has new features and bug fixes for other products, especially Master Data Center. For the full list, see Ataccama 10.3.0 Release Notes.

We have also just launched the Support Knowledge Base, where you can find solutions to previously reported problems or general how-to articles. Read more at the announcement post.

Reference Data Manager

We have added a new advanced SQL validation enabling you to write SQL scripts for validations across columns, rows, and tables.

We have introduced another SQL-powered feature: data sets. Now you can create custom reports about your reference data by writing an SQL query and aggregating data by functions like AVG, COUNT, or SUM.

Welcome a completely reworked and improved synchronization: create separate tasks for synchronization with external databases; exporting and importing data from/into RDM with text files; and prepare web service configurations for reading and writing data, all from the RDM project.

Master Data Center

Our developers have closed over 20 tickets trying to improve hierarchies in MDA! Visualization and behavior is more stable now, and filtering is both more usable and useful.

MDC now supports multiple matching algorithms for each entity. You can match records by different sets of rules for different departments in your company.

We have introduced a new optional layer: Aggregation. Calculate aggregate values, like counts, sums, median values, and even concatenations, on records grouped by a selected attribute, and propagate them to master layers.

Release Notes and Documentation

Read Ataccama 10.3.0 Release Notes for the full list of new features and bug fixes. Find all relevant documentation updated for this release at the Documentation portal.


Please request download media via Helpdesk.


As part of this release, we are also sharing upgrade and installation guides. The support team is ready to help with installation and upgrade issues.

Installation and upgrade services for your solution are not covered by the support or maintenance contract, but our experienced team is ready to help with remote upgrades. Contact us to get a quote and expected timing.

Support Notices

The latest supported versions are 10.3.0, 9.0.5, 8.0.8. Version 7 is no longer supported (unless contracted otherwise).

If you need help installing, upgrading, and configuring our products, open a ticket in Helpdesk.

(Imran Chandio) #2

I would like read through the DQC manual if that possible.
I have gone Through the introduction to DQC module, I find it very interesting and want to explore more.