Ataccama Collibra Integration Run Time Data Type Error

During the execution of our project “Edo_Ataccama_Collibra_Integration”, we are facing this following “Parsing issue”
While exceution we have mentioned “Failed” attribute as Integer in the input file, but after execution it is apprearing as Boolean data type for values “0” and “1”. And for other values its appearing as “Some columns have parse errors” as in Collibra_Error_2.
Note: If we are treating all the attributes as strings, we are not having this issue.

Please let us know what we need to do in this situation. Thanks!!


Hi Srini,

The issue is actually a behavior of our metadata guesser in DQC. If you try to edit metadata of the file it will just PROPOSE the data types based on some logic. In this case majority of values are 0 so it is proposing you a BOOLEAN data type. It does not mean you have to follow the suggestion. You can always manually say: “NO! this is an Integer” which is really is.

Certainly if you set the data type as BOOLEAN all the records which does not contain 0 or 1 value will not be treated properly by DQ processing.