All the rows in DQD showing as invalid

(Souparna Lodh) #1

Hello y’all,

I am applying a component DQ rules in a project for a particular table, but in DQD I can see all the rows are showing invalid.

I have tested the logic in component by creating a plan in my local folder, Its working perfectly fine.

but in DQD, every single row is showing as invalid.

Can anyone help me on this issue?

I have attached the screenshot for your reference.

Thank you,

(Vladimir Zvorygin) #2

Hi, Souparna.

The result column of the component should contain the value of string type: VALID if the record is valid, or - if it’s invalid, either the name of one of the conditions you defined, or OTHER in case it’s invalid for some other reason.


(Souparna Lodh) #3

Yes, I figured it out last night.

Thank you for your solution. Really appreciated.