About the Ataccama Integrated Platform category

(Stanislav Valasek) #1

Discuss and share your AIP experience, product integration topics, shared components like workflow or user management console, give a feedback or discuss implementation issues.

If you are a supported customer use Helpdesk to report any bugs where SLA needs to be fulfilled.

AIP is a set of all Ataccama products and information relevant for building an effective solution.Information consists of reasonable use cases, their structure, relations, product features, technological realization and best practices.AIP defines a framework for requirement management, functional architecture, scoping, effort estimations, etc. Please read more about in AIP introduction.

(yannick nguela) #2

how is the integration done between the 3 modules (Data Profiling, DQ, RDM)? i would like test a tool but i have some questions without answering.