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  • 14 April 2022
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My name is Ben Lopez, I’m new in the community.

I'm holding a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. My work experience is in Finance and Digital Marketing, I worked and developed a lot of projects for different industries.

A couple of years ago I decided to move in deep into the Tech Industry. I started taking a few courses through (LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Google, IBM, etc.), and right now I'm enrolled in the University pursuing a second degree in Computer Science.

I gained a lot of new tech skills but, I need to apply them to real projects to fulfill my career in the tech industry.

What do you think? 
can you share some personal experiences?
Have you experienced a career change?

Excited to learn more from this amazing community!

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2 replies


Hello Ben, welcome!


Career change? Well, I hold a Master Degree in Philosphy and Linguistics and have been working in Data Governance for 11 years now. Hope it helps :)


Stay safe!



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Hi Ben, welcome to the community - a fellow grad from biz administration now in data :-)